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    The objective of our project is to prove that sustainability is the only way towards having a healthy environment. Ever since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the human society started hurting the environment like never before, abusing mercilessly of its natural resources, witout any consideration for the irreversible changes brought to the natural cycles of the planet. Therefore, we are facing, today, global issues  to which the human kind is desperately looking for solutions: global warming, a growth in the frequency and in the intensity of natural hazards, and, above all, the pollution of all the layers of our planet with toxic substances, resulted from the heavy industrialisation.
    The concept of sustainability started to be used more frequently after the 1992 U.N.O. Conference on the environment and its development , a conference that took place in the charming Brazilian city  Rio de Janerio. The most well known definition of the concept belongs to the World Comission for the Environment and its Development, whose report called „Our Mutual Future” (1987) states: „sustainability is the development pursuing the fulfilment of the present needs without compromising the same opportunity for the next generations.”
    The most important issues on which sustainability is focused are:
1.    The capital of resources
2.    Embedded energy
3.    Global community
4.    Economy
5.    Self-regeneration
6.    Traditional wisdom
7.    Institutional change
8.    Technology
    Our projects aims at dealing with a few of the problems to which the solution would be the sustainable approach and exploration of the environment. Having this in mind, we want to show that green architecture is more economical and more sustainable than modern architecture, which uses modern building materials. We have also decided to show that the recyclable waste around us can be used in order to cover the energy supply necessary to the humanity. Last but not least, we want to show you a few aspects related to the degradation of the environment and the ways to preserve the environment.