Sustainable waste management is a challenge of the contemporary world, if we think about the economical development and the unseen progress registered by the human society. The waste comes from different activities and this precise diversity generates serious environmental issues. The waste can be cathegorized into four groups, according to their origin: 1. Domestic waste; 2. Sanitary waste;3. Industrial waste; 4. Farming waste; 5. Special waste.
    The main problems of sustainable waste management are the space for storage (greater and greater nowadays) and eliminating the pollution of air, water and soil  by efficiently capturing the exhaust gases coming from such deposits and using this biogas in order to obtain energy; efficiently „sealing” these storage places stoping them from polluting the vital sources of water and the soil. Another problem would be the high cost necessary do such things, costs which are not low at all..
    With the help of our project, we want to show the world that many of the things that we throw away can be used to improve our life conditions. This is why we enjoyed and appreciated the experience of a local person who has made different objects to be used in the household, objects that were made of recyclable materials. This gave us the idea to make a solar panel (with the help of the hearty volunteers from ATPM Maramures) made os recyclable materials, to be used for the heating of one of the classrooms from our high school.

    In order to make the solar panel, we had to collect aluminium tins for the tubular structure of the solar panel (and we collected them from our friends, our neighbours or even from the public places such as parks or camping sites). The other necessary materials ( the plexiglass panel, wood, screws, insulating materials etc) have been donated by different volunteers but we also bought some of them from the specialised shops.

Photo Gallery: Sustainable waste management