Our City

    The city we live in is called Baia Mare and it is an old town, which appeared in the medieval period, having a strong development during the 20th century, when the complex gold and silver deposits allowed the development of a heavy industry: the non-ferous metallurgy, machines construction, textiles industry or ceramics industry.
    The city is located in the Baia Mare plateau, a submontaneous depression surrounded in the north by the crests of the Gutai Mountains , with vast volcanic plateaus and crests covered by broadleaf forests and coniferous forests, and surrounded in the south by the hill peaks of Codru and Preluca- two crystalline  items in the sedimentary mass of the Western Hills.



    The hydrografic network is dense and owing a lot to the river Sasar, which crosses the city eastwards to westwards, on its way to the Lapus river. The main hydrografic arteries it collects are Firiza (a river that is hydroenergetically designed by creating the barrage lake  Firiza),  Usturoiului Valley, Red Valley,  Borcutului Valley etc.
    The microclimate is a sheltered one, with higher temperatures and rich precipitations,  a climate that favorised the growth of the eatable chestnut around the city, a tree that became the symbol of the city and for the old mining community, each fall the inhabitants of Baia Mare gathering to celebrate „The Chestnuts’ Feast".


    In the present, the community from Baia Mare is going through a powerful change, looking for a new identity. This change of identity is the turning of a mining community into a green community, in which the ecological and the cultural tourism to be combined with the top technologies.

Photo Gallery: Our City - Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania